■Our Corporate Mission

To lead digital businesses towards success while helping to build a safe and comfortable society.


■Our Areas of Expertise

IT Coordination

  • I am a representative and an IT coordinator in Hiroshima and I can support your company as it installs an IT system perfectly in line with your company’s management strategy through regular information exchanges with other IT coordinators in the prefecture.

Building cloud and IoT systems

  • I have many years of experience with IT systems design and. In addition to assisting your company with developing a and constructing an IT strategy and management strategy, I also assist companies in developing of cloud systems building and program development that suit your corporate needs.

Use BigData to analyze information

  • I can use the most appropriate statistical analysis methods to clarify the cause and effect relationships of various matter and phenomena as I have experience with regional economic analysis. (I graduated from Graduate School of Econometrics with Okayama University’s Faculty of Economics, (Masters of Econometrics)